Welcome to Apple Garden Services. Established in 1997.

You will see from the history page of this site that I have been closely involved with plants for many years.

Loving and respecting plants I normally work with my assistants so that we cause the unavoidable minimum damage to those in your garden whether we are undertaking hard landscaping or soft garden work.

If we need to access your garden through your home we are happy to lay down dust sheets and tarpaulins to protect your floors. For heavier work we can supply more durable covering to protect from damage by machinery and tools.

We will train and prune your trees, shrubs, climbers and roses with KNOWLEDGE (for instance we will NOT prune plums and other stone fruit in autumn, winter or spring in order to minimise the risk of infection by Silver Leaf disease) and SKILL (every cut will be precisely positioned and made for a definite reason and and purpose) in order for you to get the best possible enjoyment from your plants.

Last but not least, we clear away all rubbish and arisings if you wish. Or if you prefer, for small quantities, we may leave these in small tarpaulins for you to dispose of (which can save you money).

So, please, if you live in East Sussex contact me and I will arrange to visit at your convenience to see how we can help.

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